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"Spice Up Your Life" With Some Kaizena!

Teachers of the world - learn how to spice up your lessons, activities, and learning using SAMR and Kaizena.

"Can We Talk Feedback?"

Providing authentic feedback is time consuming as it is valuable. Kaizena's feedback tools offer a fabulous time saving way to help your learners grow.

"Beam Me Up, Kaizena!"

While we may not be able to change the laws of physics according to Montgomery Scott from Star Trek, we can incorporate hands on, experiential, engineering type learning using Kaizena. And we'll allow you to speak with a Scottish brogue, too.

Blended Learning - a thirst quencher

Blended learning's definition is a varied as there are types of Coke. Come see how Kaizena's feedback tools can be used to expand blended learning opportunities for your students!

Writer's Workshop

Writing is challenging. Teaching the art of writing is doubly so. This article explores the world of Writers' Workshop and how authentic feedback helps writers find their voices.

Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments (FAs) is a method of not only determining current student performance levels but also an approach to teach students to self-evaluate and reflect on their learning. Kaziena's feedback tools are very useful in performing FAs. This article describes four examples of FAs using Kaizena's feedback tools.

Flipped Classroom a la Kaizena-Mode

Flipped Classroom is a tried and true method of good teaching. Come learn the secret recipe that can help you flip as easy as making instant oatmeal by using the Kaizena add-on.

Response To Intervention (RTI)

Response To Intervention (RTI) is a three-tiered approach to meeting students need right from the start. Kaizena's feedback teachers allow teachers to perform RTI with ease.


Peer Learning is a teaching strategy employed to help students grow through collaborating and mutual exchange of feedback and ideas. Kaizena allows for peer learning to take place asynchronously, thus flattening the walls of the classroom.

The Art Of Conferencing

Conferencing with students is an effective teaching practice when helping students learn the art of writing. This article demonstrates how Kaizena streamlines the process and allows for conferencing to take place outside the classroom walls.

Using Lessons to Save More Time

After years of using Kaizena, Vivian finds that the feature that she loves the most is Lessons, because it allows her to quickly give students feedback, without needing to repeat herself over and over again.

Online Learning Needs Feedback, too!

“Ok everyone, please log in to your Timex™ computers.” Timex? Back in the 1984, my first computer was a Timex (I was in 3rd grade).

Kaizena + The Digital Writer's Notebook

Gerard, a Kaizena teacher shares how he scaffolds the writing process and uses a paperless way to have students practice writing, get feedback, and make consistent progress.

Kaizena in an Online Classroom

Tony, a Science & English teacher explained to us that in his online classroom setting, he often has the luxury of working one on one with students when providing feedback. Because of this, he uses Kaizena in a slightly different way than most teachers.

Using Kaizena for Big Writing Projects

Learn how Haley Lancaster, a language arts teacher, uses voice comments to give detailed, in depth feedback to her students when they tackle big writing projects like term papers.