The Premium version of Kaizena

Kaizena Progress

Kaizena Progress is our premium service for those who want to get more out of Kaizena. Including more features and opportunities, subscribers get a more enhanced experience with Kaizena.

Kaizena on Google Slides

Use Kaizena on Google Slides. Alongside the regular highlight text and post comment, comments can be added to shapes too!

Student Skill Tracker

See and track all the skills you've posted for your students.

Share Progress with Students

Students have access to Kaizena Progress features on all Docs and Slides that they share with you.

Unlimited Lessons

Create an unlimited number of lessons. In addition to the free text, voice, and embedded videos lessons, you can also add files directly to your lessons.

Longer voice comments

No more 30 second limit: you get 10 minutes per voice comment.

Kaizena Ambassador

Subscribers get an open invitation to become Kaizena Ambassadors.

Best for subscribing a single teacher:
Monthly and Yearly rates available
Department (up to 5 teachers)
School (unlimited teachers per school)
District pricing available upon request
Unlimited teachers per district

Need some help subscribing?

See our guides for Kaizena Progress