#1 Feedback tool for Google Docs

Voice Comments

Help students understand you care about them, even if you're critiquing their work. Plus, we all speak up to 75% faster than we can type. Now that's a win for everyone.

"After seven years in the profession, I wanted to quit."

That’s how Katherine Cozens, an English teacher in Melbourne, Australia felt before she discovered Kaizena. Her frustrations are shared by educators everywhere: dozens of drafts to review for every assignment, 100+ students, even wrist pain. Kath, however, found Kaizena: “I’d say it’s reduced my marking time by 40%. This has made a huge difference to my general sense of satisfaction at work: I feel less burdened by the marking load, I’m putting more time into planning, and I have decided to stay on the profession for at least another year."

Research Based

Over thirty years of research show overwhelming student preference for verbal feedback compared with written comments.

Choose your Highlight Color

Colors have meaning, and Kaizena gives you the flexibility to choose.


Privacy, and our duty to protect it, is paramount. Kaizena complies with rigorous privacy standards.

Highlight and Speak

Attach your voice comments to specific highlights in the document. Or record a summary comment and speak to the whole document.

Students Can Record

We give the same commenting tools to Ss. They can reply to your feedback , practice speaking, or peer review another student's work.

Domain-wide Installation

Your GSuite administrator can add Kaizena to all student accounts in less than five minutes.

"Using Kaizena enhanced teachers’ relationships with students"
Dr. Martha Bless, "The Impact of Audio Feedback Technology on Writing Instruction" (2017)

How Teachers Use Kaizena

Kaizena for Planning and Reflection

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean there’s no reason to use Kaizena!

Using Kaizena for Long-Term Projects

Michael mainly uses Kaizena in his Human Geography class, where he practices project-based learning. Over the span of the term, his students are put into small groups and tasked with writing a report that answers the question: “How Can We Improve the Health of Our Community?”

I see and I remeMber. I do and I understand.

Try Kaizena for Yourself

Review up to 75% faster than typing with Voice Comments. Embed explainer videos in three clicks. Track Skills and we'll auto-complete your rubric. Welcome to the future of feedback.