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Skills and Rubrics

Highlight and rate evidence of skills Ss demonstrate as you read, and Kaizena automatically completes the rubric for you. Best of all, students understand why they got the score they did.

Automatic or Manual Rubrics

Track evidence of skills, and we'll auto-complete the rubric for you. Or enter rubric scores manually.

Track Skills

Skills can be rubric criteria, standards, learning objectives. Track them, and see progress over time.

Sum or Average Summary Scores

Calculate your final score as either a sum or average of your individual rubric scores. Or leave the summary blank.

Rubric Templates

Set a rubric template once, then quickly re-use it with every assignment.

Summary Comments

Say a few words right inside your rubric to give your scores even more context.

Rubric Sharing

Launching Soon ;) 


How Teachers Use Kaizena

Formative Assessment
Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments (FAs) is a method of not only determining current student performance levels but also an approach to teach students to self-evaluate and reflect on their learning. Kaziena's feedback tools are very useful in performing FAs. This article describes four examples of FAs using Kaizena's feedback tools.

Writer's Workshop
“I’ll take `No Pronouns’ for $800, Alex.”

Teaching a style of writing is both an art and science. Using skills and rubrics, you can teach and assess students' level of mastery. This article will walk you through the process using a science lens.

Flipped Classroom a la Kaizena-Mode

Flipped Classroom is a tried and true method of good teaching. Come learn the secret recipe that can help you flip as easy as making instant oatmeal by using the Kaizena add-on.

I see and I remeber. I do and I understand.

Try Kaizena for Yourself

Review up to 75% faster than typing with Voice Comments. Embed explainer videos in three clicks. Track Skills and we'll auto-complete your rubric. Welcome to the future of feedback.