Using Lessons to Save More Time

Back in 2011, Vivian, a tech-savvy and resourceful English teacher was frustrated with the process she had to take to give meaningful feedback to her students.

I was really tired of using a spreadsheet and going back and to give feedback to my students. I was so dissatisfied with the limited tools available that I actually contacted a programmer to build an app for me to make the process easier. As I was creating the proposal outlining what I wanted, I discovered Kaizena! I couldn’t believe it, Kaizena was exactly what I was looking for.

After years of using Kaizena, Vivian finds that the feature that she loves the most is Lessons, because it allows her to quickly give students feedback, without needing to repeat herself over and over again. All she has to do is make a highlight, start typing a few letters, and up pops the video she uses to remind students how to use proper punctuation.

She also finds that being able to link students to online resources, right within their work, helps them to better understand and apply a concept.

After I set up my bank of Lessons, the amount of time it took me to read an essay was roughly the same amount of time it took me to give feedback. It used to take me up to two hours for each essay. Now it only takes me 10-15 minutes for one!

Not only has Lessons cut down the amount of time Vivian spends reviewing essays, it has also helped to improve her relationship with her students. They really appreciate how quickly they’re able to get feedback on their work!

Interested in setting up your own bank of Lessons? Check out our Lessons guide for details. The best part? You can share your Lessons with other teachers and students.

Depending on the subjects and grade levels you teach, you may also have access to curated Lessons. These are free, built-in Lessons relevant to the subject you teach - we've done the work so that you don't have to! If curated lessons are available for you, they will be visible on your Lessons page - just click "Kaizena Curated Lessons" to view them.

Shirley Luu
With a background in marketing and communications, Shirley is Kaizena's Community Manager. When she's not lurking #EdChats or expanding Kaizena's PLN, you can find her sweating it out at a barre class 👯‍♀️
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